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The solution developers

We are specialized in developing overall solutions which perfectly meet your requirements. These solutions include the integration into internal IT-environments, customized user interfaces and the connection to internal data bases. During the solution development we use our modules for nonlinear optimization, data analysis and predictions—components which are also part of our products ClearVu Analytics and ClearVu Global optimizer.

Extract from our list of references

Honda Research Institute

ThyssenKrupp Uhde

DLR – Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt

BMW Group

Johnson & Johnson Deutschland

Hyundai Motor Company


ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions


Daimler AG

Beiersdorf AG

IOI Oleo

Research Projects


Structural optimization of chemical processes to maximize energy efficiency

The aim of this BMBF funded research project is to develop a software tool to optimize the structure of chemical plants. The focus lies on the optimization of the efficient use of resources. As specialists for global optimization, our task is to develop an innovative software tool for the structural optimization of chemical plants to add to our ClearVu product line. This combines parametrical and structural optimization. Additionally, the tool contains an interface to Aspen Plus.

During the project we cooperate with ZEDO and SUPREN.


Coordinated Production for Better Resource Efficiency

This research project, funded by the EU in the workframe of SPIRE, is a cooperation between large companies, universities and SME. The aim of this project is to enhance the energy and resource consumption of manufacturing industries. Together with our project partners we will develop and test methods and tools for plant control, process monitoring and optimal dynamic planning under dynamic market conditions to achieve the set objectives. divis contributes methods for the data driven modeling of processes and for anomaly detection.

The application areas within the project include chemical production, production of cellulose fiber and consumption goods, and the sterilization and packaging of food.


Software development for efficient optimization based on response surface models for crash simulation within vehicle development processes

The aim of this BMBF funded project was to react to the increasing need of crash simulations by developing an innovative and efficiently working software tool for the enhancement of virtual structure optimization of car bodies. Our software tool ClearVu Analytics could successfully be implemented into such a workflow.

The project was coordinated by Automotive Simulation Centers Stuttgart e.V., and the partners GNS mbH, SCALE GmbH, Bergische Universität Wuppertal and Technische Universität München.

A productive network

divis cooperates with many companies on an international level. This extends our competences so that we can provide a better support for our customers.

NOESIS Solutions, Leuven, Belgium

Supergraph, Haarlem, Netherlands

ISKO engineers AG, Munich


Our powerful software ClearVu Analytics provides data analytics, automatic machine learning and optimization. It can be applied offline as well as online.

ClearVu Analytics uses state-of-the-art methods of automatic machine learning. For modeling the data, ClearVu automatically uses various modeling methods, optimizes the models and determines the optimal models. The optimized model, generated by ClearVu Analytics, provides you with a firm basis for further steps of extended analyses. Among other possibilities, you will use the model for forecasting, identifying parameter sensitivities, analyzing robustness against parameter variations, and optimizing parameter settings.

As a user of ClearVu Analytics, deep statistical expertise is not required from you. Using ClearVu Analytics, you will discover relationships in data, draw important business conclusions, and discover important additional optimization potential in your processes.

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