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Project execution

Here you get an overview about our approach to a new project, the typical phases of a project, and our particular emphasis on special aspects of project execution.

Big Data, Smart Data

Learn about big data and how it can be turned into knowledge and understanding.

Data Integration

Get insights into the handling of measurement data and data integration. See how intelligent data management is important to obtain informative analysis results.

Industry 4.0

Here we show you how we approach the topic of industry 4.0 and it into our workflow.

Multi-Layer Thickness Measurement

Learn which factors are important for a multi-layer thickness measurement and how intelligent sensor technology can help realize such projects.

Predictive Maintenance

Get an overview about the concept of predictive maintenance, its advantages and how we approach this topic.

Quality Control of Food

Given the example of mustard quality control, we describe how the digital image analysis can handle quality control by color determination.

Quality Control in Engine Casting

This study case describes how casting products, e.g. an engine case, can benefit from a thorough sensor technology and data analysis. This case deals with the prevention of crack formation.

Optimization of Cosmetic Formulas

In this case study case we present an example dealing with the optimization of a body lotion formulation.

Data Integration in the Aluminum Industry

This study case is about the rolling process of aluminum coils. Learn which factors have to be taken into account to conduct an informative data analysis.

Forming Simulation

This study case deals with the application of data driven modeling for the prediction of forming outcomes of car body parts.

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    Project executionBig Data, Smart DataData IntegrationIndustry 4.0Multi-Layer Thickness MeasurementPredictive MaintenanceQuality Control of FoodQuality Control in Engine CastingOptimization of Cosmetic FormulasData Integration in the Aluminum IndustryForming Simulation

    Research Projects


    The BMBF funded project aims at developing a software tool for the structural enhancement of chemical plants. The main focus of the optimization lies on the efficient use of resources.


    The aim of this project is to optimize the consumption of energy and resources in the process industry. For this purpose, methods and tools for process control and monitoring, plant control and dynamical optimization are developed under market conditions.


    The aim of this BMBF funded project was to react to the increasing demands for crash simulations. The task was to develop an innovative and economically as well as technically efficient software tool that enhances the virtual structure optimization of vehicles.

    Scientific publications

    Thomas Bäck is head of the Natural Computing research group at the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS) of Leiden University. Furthermore, he is CEO of divis and co-editor of several journals. Moreover, he regularly participates in conferences in evolutionary computation, predictive analytics, and machine learning.

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