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ClearVu Global Optimizer

Non-linear global optimization for extreme requirements

ClearVu Global Optimizer is a powerful tool for non-linear global optimization, particularly for applications in the area of multi-disciplinary optimization as well as simulation based and high dimensional objective functions. Also, an application on mixed-integer objective functions is possible. Furthermore, you are able to handle multi-criteria tasks and efficiently generate an approximation of the Pareto-Front.

Your advantages when using ClearVu Global Optimizer

  • Applicable for high dimensional problems
  • Broad applicability for simulation based objective functions and MDO
  • Fast convergence—good solutions with only few objective function evaluations
  • Applicable to mixed-integer problems
  • Suitable for multi-criteria optimization
  • Usable without special knowledge in optimization

ClearVu Global Optimizer is available as a separate optimization module for OPTIMUS, provided by our partner NOESIS, as well as a module within software solutions developed by divis for our customers.

User interface of ClearVu Global Optimizer in OPTIMUS


Efficiently solving complex problems

The table provides an overview of the features of ClearVu Global Optimizer in its current version 2.0:

Application fieldNon-linear global optimization, low to high-dimensional target functions (5 to 100 parameters)
Parameter types of the objective functionsContinuous and mixed integer parameters
Types of objective functionsSimulation models, mathematical objective functions, model based objective functions
ConstraintsSimple box constraints,
linear and non-linear constraints
Multi-criteria optimizationPowerful methods for multi criteria optimization are already integrated; approximation of Pareto front
HandlingEasy usage due to self-adaptation, no need of expert knowledge
Optimization methodsBased on modern evolution strategies (no genetic algorithm)

Multi Criteria Optimization

Fast generation of Pareto fronts

Multi criteria optimization is widely required: Whether it is cost and quality, or technical criteria such as lift and drag in aerospace engineering, tumble and mass flow of an engine gas inlet nozzle, etc.

In many cases there is not one optimal solution, but many possible compromises where one aspect can only be improved at the expense of another one. These compromises are located on a so-called Pareto front which can be generated by means of a multi-criteria optimization. As a user, you can choose the solution from the Pareto-front that fits best for your requirements.

ClearVu Global Optimizer contains a powerful extension for multi-criteria optimization which fills the Pareto front as widely spread as possible with as few function evaluations as possible, so that all extreme solutions are available.

This tool can also be applied for high-dimensional and time consuming objective functions.

Mixed Integer Optimization

Efficient handling of mixed-integer parameters

Mixed-integer optimization is a common task of product development and process control. For example, thickness is a discrete value, different materials are categorical values, and formulation components can be chosen discretely, but added continuously. Thus, mixed-integer optimization requires the handling of these parameter types within non-linear optimization.

ClearVu Global Optimizer meets these requirements based on suitable extensions of evolutionary strategies.

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