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ClearVu Solution Spaces


ClearVu Solution Spaces (CVSS) professionally supports you in the design of components in the automotive and other industries. The robust and communal design of components, for example for vehicles and machines, is still a challenging task in the development process. Besides customer requirements or safety regulations also the component specific factors like bending properties, tensile strength etc. have to be considered. To meet these requirements, the solution space approach was developed. CVSS is a powerful tool that provides such functionalities.

Key Advantages of Applying ClearVu Solution Spaces

CVSS helps you finding a design for a functional system that fulfills all requirements without exceeding the predefined design limits. Different visualization options facilitate the identification of a suitable solution space. CVSS helps you find answers to questions like:

  • How do I have to combine components to get a good result?

  • Is the intended design suitable or does it have to be adapted?

  • Which requirements have to be fulfilled by the components to achieve a good overall result?

  • Are such components already on stock or do they have to be produced?

  • Which component is suitable to be used for different designs, as a communal component?

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