8. July 2020

Coming Webinars

Our colleague Frank Hebel will give some web-based presentations whithin the frame of a webinar series moderated by the Wirtschaftsförderung Soest who is active in business development. The participation is free.

The upcoming presentations are:

• Cloud based Analysis and production control, September 22, 3pm
– Fast and easy data acquisition for analyses and process control
– Case study: membrane filtration: how to determine the important cause variables to solve problems which may occur after a membrane exchange.
– Advantages: reaction time, less programming effort, cost reduction, user friendly display of target values

• Digital production and work 4.0 in the process industry, October 8, 3pm
– Why cloud based digitalization? What are the advantages?
– Networking in companies: how to achieve inter-divisional connections. Which data do I have to connect?
– Live-presentation of a measurement data acquisition in a cloud and the resulting data provision
– Case study: color control in a spraying process

If you are interested, you can register for a webinar at https://wfg-kreis-soest.de/kontakt-service/aktuelles/ as soon as the event is announced online.