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All news
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Machine Learning for Production Process Optimization at IOI Oleo GmbH, Witten, Germany

22. August 2022|

The German production site of IOI Oleochemical is one of the leading European providers for oleochemicals. Besides active ingredients for pharmaceutics, emollients, emulsifiers, texturizers, and a large selection of multifunctional ingredients for cosmetics, IOI Oleo GmbH provides special esters and additives for the food industry. Process auxiliaries and greases for [...]

Finding Fast-to-Compute Proxies for Engineering Optimization Problems

28. July 2022|

Due to their time-consuming evaluation function, requiring a simulator run, it is difficult to understand the characteristics of engineering optimization problems that make them hard for optimization algorithms. Moreover, it makes it impossible to perform many optimization runs with these problems and to tune optimization algorithms towards improving their performance [...]

Presentation at the hybrid conference ForTech Bulk 2022

20. June 2022|

May 18, Thomas Bäck and Dr.Ingo Heinle gave a presentation at the hybrid conference ForTech Bulk 2022: “Machine Learning for Production Processes: Bringing the Technology into Production”. The conference which is taking place every year at Stuttgart University deals with different topics from the field of bulk metal forming, e.g. [...]

Articles on Crash and Vehicle Control Dynamics Accepted at the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO)

20. June 2022|

GECCO is a leading conference in the field of optimization algorithms gleaned from principles of natural evolution. The conference takes place in Boston, MA, from July 9 –13. Many world-leading experts in the field, PhD students and industry experts will come together to discuss and advance the state-of-the-art in the [...]

Member of BITMi

25. January 2022|

Since january we are members of the BITMi, Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V. This association represents the interests of SMEs from the IT-branch, due to the membership in Digital-SME also at a European level. For us it is very important to contribute to this association so that the interests of our branch [...]

Video – Case Study: Product Optimization at IOI Oleo GmbH

17. December 2021|

For our customer IOI Oleo GmbH in Witten, Germany, we reduced the failure rate of a product for the cosmetics industry from about 50% to zero. Based on our artificial intelligence and data-driven analytics methods, we identified the critical process parameters und process steps, such that the process experts of [...]

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