23. April 2024

divis releases Automated Machine-Learning Excel Add-in


Introducing the ClearVu Analytics Excel Add-In. This tool enables no-code automated machine learning, offering a variety of approaches to model, optimize and design experiments for your datasets, all within the standard excel workflow. 

Our easy-to-use ClearVu Analytics Excel Add-In makes it possible to use this technology directly in the spreadsheet: you can create forecast models for your data using the usual Excel interface. Further, it is powered by our ClearVu Analytics software which carries out the corresponding calculations in the background. 

When undertaking modelling, the Excel Add-In automatically compares various Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) approaches, and selects the best one given the dataset the user is modelling. It does this through a series of cross-validation, hyperparameter optimization and statistical tests. The user is given the choice of what pool of methods they want to compare or can select a specific one to use if they want to leverage a certain approach (e.g. a neural network). 

Our optimization functionality allows the user to leverage this model and maximise or minimise output variables given certain inputs. This means that within a few steps a user can find best value in the solution space given the dataset.  

And finally, our design of experiments functionality helps the user understand how best to enrich the data, either through physical experiment or direct simulation. This can be extremely useful particularly for datasets with a wide variety of input and output parameters.   

For more information on this tool – and to arrange a demo – please see our website here and to discover how the divis ClearVu Excel Add-In can improve the way you interact with, model and leverage your datasets. 

For any further questions, please contact us at divis