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All news
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Invited talk of Thomas Bäck at the 20th International Conference on Unconventional Computing and Natural Computation

16. March 2023|

On March 13, Thomas Bäck gave an invited talk at the UCNC 2023 conference in Jacksonville, Florida. This conference brings together scientists interested in novel forms of computation, computation inspired by nature, and computational aspects of natural processes. The presentation is entitled “On the Automatic Optimization of Problem-Specific Optimization Heuristics [...]

Improved Multidisciplinary Optimization and its Practical Usage at Porsche AG

7. March 2023|

In the automotive industry, the simulation-based design and optimization of vehicle structures needs to combine requirements from a number of different engineering disciplines. Multidisciplinary optimization (MDO) is a term that is used to summarize approaches that aim at integrating all relevant disciplines and finding optimal compromises between them. Due to [...]

Global Sensitivity Analysis Methods for Identifying Key Parameters

27. September 2022|

In many real-world applications involving production data, simulated data, or data from experiments, one is interested in identifying the key input parameters, i.e., those (groups of) parameters that have a high influence on the output.  Sensitivity analysis methods address this task by measuring the uncertainty in output based on the [...]

Machine Learning for Production Process Optimization at IOI Oleo GmbH, Witten, Germany

22. August 2022|

The German production site of IOI Oleochemical is one of the leading European providers for oleochemicals. Besides active ingredients for pharmaceutics, emollients, emulsifiers, texturizers, and a large selection of multifunctional ingredients for cosmetics, IOI Oleo GmbH provides special esters and additives for the food industry. Process auxiliaries and greases for [...]

Best Paper Award at GECCO—Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference

29. July 2022|

The article “Learning the Characteristics of Engineering Optimization Problems with Applications in Automotive Crash”  by Fu Xing Long, Bas van Stein, Moritz Frenzel, Peter Krause, Markus Gitterle and Thomas Bäck received the best paper award in the “real-world applications” track at the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO) in Boston, [...]

Finding Fast-to-Compute Proxies for Engineering Optimization Problems

28. July 2022|

Due to their time-consuming evaluation function, requiring a simulator run, it is difficult to understand the characteristics of engineering optimization problems that make them hard for optimization algorithms. Moreover, it makes it impossible to perform many optimization runs with these problems and to tune optimization algorithms towards improving their performance [...]

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