27. March 2015

Cooperation with Chemetall GmbH, Frankfurt

In a cooperation with Chemetall GmbH (Frankfurt, Germany) the divis team analyzed process data from a conversion coating process.

In combination with laboratory data and analytical data, the goal of the project was to identify key performance drivers of the coating process.

“With the help of the divis experts we were able to develop a data driven model which enables us to optimize the control parameter settings of the conversion coating process. Normally, this requires a large number of expensive and time-consuming laboratory experiments. Laboratory work was significantly reduced and made more efficient due to the highly competent support provided by divis. The data driven models the divis team derived from the data resulted in an understandable interpretation of the interaction between process parameters and the resulting key process quality measures. This result clearly contributes significantly to process understanding and process stability, for us as well as for our customers.”, says Dr. Andreas Treitl, Technical Director Chemetall.