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Data Analytics, Automatic Machine Learning and Industry 4.0

About divis

Our team provides professional support for data analysis and processes or product optimization, also with respect to the requirements of Industry 4.0. We assist you concerning data acquisition and data integration, we develop customized systems according to your individual requirements and we help generate the interface to your internal IT and process environment. For these purposes we use the latest methods of data analytics, machine learning and global optimization relating to the latest results of research and development.

Our competences

  • Predictive Analytics: Professional Analysis of all relevant data recorded during the process, experiments or simulations

  • Predictive Maintenance: process related system analysis for predictive maintenance

  • Model generation with automatic ML

  • Data driven process optimization for Industry 4.0

  • Optimization of product characteristics—for an easier market launch

  • Recognize and make use of optimization potential—for a time and money saving production and logistics

  • Customized solutions according to your individual requirements

  • Individual user-interfaces

  • Installation of the system into your internal IT environment, and interfaces to existing data bases

  • Efficient project management and comprehensive support during the whole project


Our customers can tell best


All applications in which products or processes are intended to be optimized are suitable for our methods. You can use data from experiments, simulations or directly from the process. Based on these data we optimize the product or the process.


Targeted predictions—already at an early stage—will help you find the most advantegeous car body design.

Oil & Gas, Energy

Efficient transport of raw materials due to optimized pipeline scheduling, also concerning availability and maintenance costs.

Consumer goods

Due to reliable predictions you need fewer experiments to find the right formula.

Chemical Industry

Optimize your production process to achieve a higher throughput and react to quality deviations in time.

Plastics Industry

Find the optimal settings for plastics processing and get reliable predictions concerning your end product.


Also for other branches we offer efficient solutions for different requirements.

Optimize Processes and Products

Our Service

divis provides individual support according to your personal requirements—from the first consultation meeting to the final optimization. Of course, our specialists are always at your disposal.

We will be happy to advise you concerning the details of a thorough process analysis including all aspects from sensor technology to the final product or process.

We offer a process related system analysis to abolish inflexible maintenance schedules (reactive or preventive maintenance) and replace them by dynamic and cost efficient ones (predictive maintenance).

Upon request, we will develop an individual version of our software that contains a user interface which is adjusted to your personal requirements.

Our powerful software ClearVu Analytics provides optimal support for data analysis, product- and process optimization. We offer different license models depending on your needs.

Industry 4.0

Integration of Data Analytics and Optimization


News for you at a glance

ClearVu Python Package

Our new developed Python Package allows users to use the automatic machine learning capabilities of ClearVu Analytics within Python. This includes fitting, comparing, using, loading, saving and exporting models.

Machine Learning for Vehicle Development

On February 25, Jana Büttner (Porsche AG) and Prof. Thomas Bäck will give a presentation at the ASCS online event “Machine Learning for Virtual Vehicle Development”.

Automatic Machine Learning mit Microsoft Excel

The key technology for data driven prediction with artificial intelligence. Our ClearVu Excel Add-In enables you to easily use this technology directly from the Excel user interface to build forecasting models for your data sets.

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