17. September 2015

Lecture at the EUROCORR

On this year’s EUROCORR Thomas Bäck and Robert Mayrhofer from Daimler held a lecture concerning the topic “Corrosion Test Improvement by Climatic Modeling”.

The theme of the EUROCORR which took place from September 6th-10th in Graz, Austria, was “Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Corrosion happens everywhere“. The EUROCORR wants to emphasize the importance of corrosion science, technology and engineering when it comes to the extension of the lifetime of different materials. Thomas Bäck and Robert Mayrhofer presented their results concerning this topic:

  • It is possible to generate a mathematic model from corrosion results and corrosive factors.
  • The best fit mathematic model can be used to compute the variance of corrosion influence factors and their importance for certain results.
  • A corrosion testing method can be created and validated.
  • For the global climate the same procedure can be used to classify the climate.
  • A mapping of test procedures to the global climate is possible and shows the fit and misfit to the field.
  • A kind of corrosion prediction is possible