8. November 2017

Progress on the CoPro Research Project

Since November 2016 divis has been participating in the research project CoPro (Coordinated Production for Better Resource Efficiency).

The aim of this project is to enhance the energy and resource consumption of manufacturing industries. One of divis’ tasks was to develop suitable algorithms for anomaly detection and to adjust them to the production process of LENZING AG, a global player in the cellulose fibre production business. On October 20, 2017 we were able to present our results to the other project partners. We discussed methods of data reconciliation and anomaly detection, and furthermore, we presented first results on the modeling of evaporators for Lenzing AG. Participants of this meeting were researchers and engineers from divis, Technische Universität Dortmund, Universidad de Valladolid, INEOS and Lenzing AG.


left to right: Julia Westhoff (divis), Jose L. Pitarch (Universidad de Valladolid), Pedro Santos (Universidad de Valladolid), Prof. Cesar de Prada (Universidad de Valladolid), Keivan Rahimi-Adli (Ineos), Christophe Foussette (divis), Christian Jasch (Lenzing AG), Sina Däubener (divis), Marc Kalliski (TU Dortmund), Prof. Sebastian Engell (TU Dortmund)