22. July 2014

3M uses ClearVu Analytics

3M uses ClearVu Analytics for their new production plants and for the market launch of new products.

This will support the activities during the production process. Objectives are:

  • Planning, examination and aggregation of necessary preliminary tests (DoE)
  • To use the features of ClearVu Analytics for the aggregated data to optimize processes and products
  • To guarantee production of the product with a maximum of conformity and a maximum gain
  • To minimize cost of production simultaneously.

3M intends to find the optimal operating point for those partly conflicting objectives forming a multiple criteria decision making problem.

Combining the capabilities of DoE and the corresponding data mining methods, sensitivities of input parameters can be identified, and ultimately predictions can be performed in the multi-dimensional solution space. In an additional step, ClearVu Analytics and the ClearVu Global Optimizer could be used for running an online process control.