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All news
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Tutorial–Video for ClearVu Analytics now available

11. January 2016|

Now we simplify the first use of CVA. On our homepage we now offer a tutorial video to simplify the first use of CVA. In a few minutes you learn the most important steps of data modification and modeling processes so that you can immediately start your analysis. Watch ClearVu [...]

Process monitoring with ClearVu Analytics in the foil industry

21. December 2015|

divis was invited to a meeting at 3M to introduce the application of modern methods of data mining. At this meeting which was held as a global video conference specialists who are organized within the Technical and Statistical Practitioner Forum came together. One of the main topics was the identification [...]

divis presents at the Daimler EDM CAE Forum

30. July 2015|

At this year’s CAE Forum divis participated in the exhibition “Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)”. The forum took place under the heading “Global Engineering – Unique Products”. Interested visitors had the opportunity to get information about the functionality of our software ClearVu Analytics in the field of meta modeling and optimization.

divis presents the new version of ClearVu Analytics – CVA 3.0

23. June 2015|

During the last quarter the long-awaited version of ClearVu Analytics, CVA 3.0, has been finished. In contrast to the forerunner the new version offers a completely redesigned user interface. Following the look and feel of current software products the handling is more intuitive and results can be achieved in a [...]

Automatic Metamodeling of CAE-Simulation Models

13. May 2015|

Meta models help to save time during CAE simulations for design optimization. CAE simulation models are commonly used in the automotive industry. However, such simulations might run for several days. Within an FAT research project divis has demonstrated how reliable meta models for CAE simulation models can be derived from [...]

Gaussian processes in CVA

3. December 2014|

There are many approaches to model nonlinear systems mathematically which all have specific advantages and disadvantages. Among these approaches Gaussian processes are becoming more and more significant. Especially in the automotive industry Gaussian processes are increasingly used to accelerate the development of new vehicles. A Gaussian process is a generalized [...]

ThyssenKrupp uses ClearVu Analytics

3. August 2014|

ThyssenKrupp AG applies divis’s Data-Mining-Software ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions’ business unit ‘Process Technologies’ uses divis’ data mining software for data-driven modeling. The business unit is responsible for planning and building chemical plants. The aim is to better and faster determine the patterns of cause and effect within chemical processes and to [...]

3M uses ClearVu Analytics

22. July 2014|

3M uses ClearVu Analytics for their new production plants and for the market launch of new products. This will support the activities during the production process. Objectives are: Planning, examination and aggregation of necessary preliminary tests (DoE) To use the features of ClearVu Analytics for the aggregated data to optimize [...]

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