13. May 2015

Automatic Metamodeling of CAE-Simulation Models

Meta models help to save time during CAE simulations for design optimization.

CAE simulation models are commonly used in the automotive industry. However, such simulations might run for several days. Within an FAT research project divis has demonstrated how reliable meta models for CAE simulation models can be derived from simulation data. These meta models can be used as fast replacements of the simulation.

The results of the research project are based on 41 data sets containing 861 output variables, which were provided by the project partners. divis’s software ClearVu Analytics achieved good up to very good results for 659 output variables (very good results were achieved for 455 output variables).

The article was published in the ATZ-Automobiltechnische Zeitschrift, published by Springer (May 2015, Volume 117, Issue 5, pp 54-69)