23. February 2016

divis offers reliable tools for intelligent data management

Our data warehouse prepares your data for analysis and optimization

To analyze and optimize process data efficiently you have to collect and combine data from various steps of the production process. An important point is that the different data acquisition systems of each process step use different data formats and other data warehouses. Due to an ETL process we are able to combine all these different data types in a unitary system. This process automatically extracts data from different systems, transforms them into a unified data format and loads them into a common data warehouse. Due to the new format the data is now suitable for analysis and optimization processes. So it is possible to early recognize, for example, quality problems and to suggest counter measures.

To conduct data management in terms of optimization processes it is important to have a structured data base which is easy to configure. divis’s data warehouse fulfills these requirements: on a Windows-conform user interface it shows a model of the plant in which each machine, each sensor and each measurement value can be assigned and retrieved. The visualization of the data can be very different—from graphics to export into the usual Windows formats—but it always meets the basic requirements.