30. March 2016

Industry 4.0

divis contributes to the development of networked systems

Industrie 4.0 develops the networking of computer based production processes. The aim is to develop intelligent systems with the ability of self-networking, self-diagnose and self-adjustment to the current process. Especially concerning product development and production processes, this is one of divis’s focal points. For many customers we integrate autonomous and self-learning systems into complex production processes, what helps to optimize process robustness and product quality. There are many fields of application for this approach, for example:

· Optimization of the operational planning for vehicles (ship, train, trucks)

· Sales planning for the oil industry via pipeline optimization

· Bulk data analysis (crashtest, vehicle construction)for the automotive industry

· Optimization of new developed CFRP and GFRP for vehicle constructions

· Calculation of design and optimization of German energy networks

· Optimization of a large amount of logistics data for Germany’s biggest airport

As an independent company we offer an objective consulting which focuses the individual requirements of our customers. Furthermore, our software is adjusted to our customers’ specific IT environments. Our support covers the entire production chain, using only the latest technology.