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All news
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Anomaly Detection

13. March 2018|

Within the context of Industry 4.0 the term “anomaly” occurs very often and refers to many different incidents, depending on the branch and the problem. It might refer to sensor measurements, hacker attacks, credit card fraud or defect and abraded machines. The general definition says that anomalies are rare and [...]

Technology of Industry 4.0

22. November 2016|

Predictive Maintenance by means of sensor technology As a consequence of increasing complexity and digitalization the subject area “Technologies of Industry 4.0” is an important factor for the success of a production line. Currently, divis is involved in the development of a system for predictive maintenance for the automotive industry. [...]

Industry 4.0

30. March 2016|

divis contributes to the development of networked systems Industrie 4.0 develops the networking of computer based production processes. The aim is to develop intelligent systems with the ability of self-networking, self-diagnose and self-adjustment to the current process. Especially concerning product development and production processes, this is one of divis’s focal [...]

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