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ClearVu Analytics


Our software tool ClearVu Analytics provides optimal support for all aspects of data analytics, product and process optimization. In order to provide a smooth work flow, we generate individual solutions which meet your personal requirements.

Key Advantages of ClearVu Analytics

  • Innovative approach for automatic modelling (automatic machine learning)

  • Optimal model, identified by various statistical methods

  • Automatic data analysis and model generation

  • Firm basis for further optimization steps by means of the provided model

ClearVu Analytics analyzes process data and generates models that clearly show you the cause-effect-relations which impact your process and the final product. Thus, it is possible to make predictions like “With these raw materials and these machine settings the final product will have the characteristics xy.” So it is possible to identify and counteract a negative trend and avoid rejects. A special feature is the interactive sensitivity analysis. In this module you can find out what effect any change of the process (machine settings, raw materials) will have on the final product. This function can be very helpful during a meeting because you can inspect different options in real-time to facilitate the decision making.

The calculation of conflicting objectives is also possible (e.g. maximum throughput at minimum energy consumption). In such a case the software suggests different compromises, marks the best one and also informs you about the advantages and disadvantages of each compromise. Since the program generates the best possible model automatically, the user does not need any knowledge of statistical modeling.

Versions & Components

of ClearVu Analytics

ClearVu Analytics is available in the Basic, Standard and Professional version. The following table provides an overview of the components and features.

CVA FeaturesDescriptionBasicStandardProfessional
Explore and ConfigureExplorative data analysis and system configuration
ModelingAutomatic generation of optimal data driven modes (automatic machine learning), including hyperparameter optimization
Design of ExperimentsPlanning of experiments
Optimize(multiple criteria) optimization of models
InteractiveInteractive sensitivity analysis and prediction for models
Excel-AddInDesign of experiments and modeling in Excel
Command-LineBatch processing capability

ClearVu Analytics Education

For students and teachers we provide free licenses of ClearVu Analytics Professional. If you are interested, please fill in the form. As a student, please attach a valid study certificate from your university.


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