1. September 2021

The latest updates to our software

ClearVu Solution Spaces (CVSS) in Ultra-HD and 4K

Our new version of CVSS is now based on the latest Java version. This ensures a better scaling of the user interface on high definition screens.


Evaluation of Prediction Confidence

How reliable is the prediction of a metamodel? To answer this question independently from the used model type we deployed a method for calculating a confidence value between 1 and 0. 1 means the prediction will most likely match the real value, whereas a lower confidence value represents a lower reliability. This method is now implemented in all ClearVu products.


ClearVu Analytics (CVA) – new possibilities for personalized layout

The user interface of ClearVu Analytics was updated with a selection of different layouts. You can now switch between different color schemes and adjust the interface to your personal preference.