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All news
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The latest updates to our software

1. September 2021|

ClearVu Solution Spaces (CVSS) in Ultra-HD and 4K Our new version of CVSS is now based on the latest Java version. This ensures a better scaling of the user interface on high definition screens.   Evaluation of Prediction Confidence How reliable is the prediction of a metamodel? To answer this [...]

CVSS ClearVu Solution Spaces

9. April 2019|

One of the big industrial challenges, particularly the automotive industry, is the robust design of structural elements, components or whole systems. For this purpose, methods like the solution space have been developed. ClearVu Solution Spaces is a software package which provides a solution space with many visualization options to facilitate [...]

Cooperation with Korea Simulation Technologies (KOSTECH)

22. January 2019|

In January, divis and Korea Simulation Technologies (KOSTECH) signed a software distribution agreement enabling KOSTECH to provide divis’ product ClearVu Solution Spaces (CVSS) for local customers. CVSS is a tool for supporting the robust virtual technical design of parts, components and systems. A key user of CVSS in Korea is [...]

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