6. May 2013

ClearVuAnalytics 2.2

New version of data analysis and meta-modeling tool with enhanced performance and convenience.

With the new version of ClearVu Analytics software, the exploratory analysis of complex data and meta modeling have become even more efficient and convenient. With its 2.2 release, divis GmbH has enhanced the well-proven tool for process optimization and product development with important new functions. On the basis of data from laboratory, production, quality control or other areas, such as FEM calculations, ClearVu supports you in developing, evaluating and optimizing models automatically.

One of the key innovations is the improved optimization of linear models. It is now possible to predefine term structures in linear models, with the result that known relationships can be represented directly. The support of multicore processors now allows the parallel processing of model calculations, which, depending on the complexity of the problem, accelerates work with ClearVu even more considerably. For the comparison of models, ClearVu now offers added plots of residuals.